Now Alchemy Liposomal Absorption

Now Alchemy liposomal tech increases the absorption of CBD by 10X-20X. That means it takes only about 1,000mg of Now Alchemy liposomal CBD to get the same benefits of 10,000mg of normal CBD oil.

  • Organic

    Now Alchemy understands how synthetic particles are positively charged, meaning they negatively affect your body. This is why all of Now Alchemy's CBD comes from Hemp grown organic and biodynamic.

  • The Entourage Effect

    Stop waisting your time and money on CBD isolate that doesn't work. With Now Alchemy Full Spectrum CBD you get all the canabinoids and terpenes necesary for the plant to give you it's full benefits.

  • Increasing Absorption by 10x

    Not just your run of the mill CBD oil. Now Alchemy Nano Enhanced liposomal emulsions allow key nutrients to be delivered right into the cell cites where they are needed.

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